Why Hot Springs Accommodation near the Mornington Peninsula is Becoming Increasingly Popular

Australia is so vast that there’s often no need to travel abroad to enjoy a fantastic holiday. Of course, it’s exciting to go further adrift sometimes to experience new cultures and see sights unavailable in Australia, but this nation has so many things to see and activities to try that even domestic travel can be eye-opening and enriching. However, because of the country’s sheer size, it can be difficult to decide on a destination to take the family. For many reasons, you ought to consider staying in hot springs accommodation near the Mornington Peninsula.

The Mornington Peninsula boasts a wide variety of activities and scenic sights, such as the aforementioned hot springs, and it’s also full of character and a culture that separates itself from the nearest bustling metropolis, Melbourne. Indeed, the Mornington Peninsula is only an hour’s drive away from Melbourne by car, but it provides a much-needed break from the hustle of the city and congested roads. Here, you’ll find secluded beaches, water sports activities, gondola rides, hot springs, and much more, and though you have plenty of choices regarding accommodation, we believe you should stay in a holiday apartment.

At Aquabelle, we proudly offer seven luxurious apartments located within throwing distance from the natural hot springs spa, and our multiple awards represent our dedication to detail and staying at the forefront of our industry. We continually renovate all our properties to ensure they remain stylish and appealing to as many travellers as possible. Plus, with one, two, and three-bedroomed apartments to choose from, we have something to suit every need and budget. However, why should you reside in a private apartment instead of booking a hotel or camping?

Why You Should Book a Private Apartment When Choosing Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs Accommodation

Hotels and camping are both popular Mornington Peninsula accommodation choices, but many families and couples prefer holiday apartments for the following reasons:

  • Enjoy some privacy – Camping is all good and well if you’re happy to have only a thin barrier between you and your temporary neighbours, but if you’d prefer to enjoy some romance and privacy, booking an apartment might be your best option.
  • A home away from home – Just because holidays are about experiencing something new doesn’t mean you need to give up your everyday lifestyle. With a private apartment, you can witness new sights on the Mornington Peninsula and still cook up your favourite meals and watch TV at the end of a tiring day.
  • A fantastic view – All our two and three-bedroomed apartments overlook the beach and Port Philip, and you’ll love absorbing such sights from the privacy of an outdoor terrace while enjoying a glass or two of local wine.

Enjoy the Mornington Peninsula the Right Way

We’re not trying to say there’s anything wrong with hotels or camping – we’re merely pointing out the benefits of private apartment accommodation so you can decide for yourself whether it’s right for you. If you want to know more about our award-winning apartments or have any questions, contact us today.