Clay Ridge with my lady friends

I had the pleasure of sampling Peninsula Hot Spring’s Clay Ridge on the second last day of summer. The appointment time was 6pm and the light over the surrounding untouched landscape was divine as we walked up from the Bath House. This newly created space flowed seamlessly from the baths below and aptly named Clay Ridge.

Six large flat bowls on stone plinths with a variety of coloured clays, seating created out of local sandstone and gushing shower heads greeted us.

Cassie took us through the different clays and their origins, handed out long elegant brushes and we began to paint ourselves and each other (not in a creepy way). It was encouraged to use hands to spread the clay all over and in no time we were happily covered head to toe in a variety of colours.

18 complete strangers all contributing to each others clay body art, sounds confronting but was strangely not..  As the clay dried it tightened and the sheer joy of standing under the powerful mineral, sulpha smelling,  warm shower jet was simply brilliant. My skin felt amazing!!  And we had a heap of fun getting messed up!

Here is a link to the Peninsula Hot Springs Clay Ridge page

Available until mid April.